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About Lock N Load
Lock N Load with Bill Frady is presented by Genesis Communications Network. With 126 million gunowners in the US today,Lock N Load has something for everyone. From reports about the politics of gun ownership, and those who would take the right away, to trends within the gun industry, self defense, gun gear, tactical training and all of the colorful personalities within the gun community.

Starting out as a podcast/webcast Lock N Load has burst into the syndicated radio offerings as the only daily terrestrial radio show available covering the topic. This daily show keeps the listeners of Lock N Load current on the breaking news and trends within the 2nd Amendment advocacy and tactical training arena as it happens.

With guests like Rock Legends Ted Nugent and Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Lock N Load brings his listeners a patriotic viewpoint from celebrity icons. Political guests like Rep Trey Gowdy keep the audience aware of an unfiltered viewpoint from Washington DC. 2nd Amendment Champions like Larry Pratt of GunOwners of America and Todd Rathner of the NFA Freedom Alliance alert the listeners to behind the curtain battles being fought in the name of gun rights. Newsmakers like Cody Wilson(3D printed guns) and Dimitri Karras of Ares Armor (ATF Antagonist) come to Lock N Load before their latest fights make it to the Mainstream Media. Tactical Training stars like Chris Costa Of Costa Ludus and James Yeager of Tactical Response come on to share their expertise with the listeners.

You can find none of this anywhere else in radio.

Bill Frady has been interviewed 150 times on other radio shows, due to his expertise within the gun rights/gun training subject. He broke both the Operation Chokepoint scandal as a DOJ product and the AK47 gun running scandal before anyone else made the correlation of data known.Pew Research Center recently surveyed and concluded that there are more 126 million gun owners in the US today.